Pack 798 require all Cubs have a blue uniform shirt, or optionally the khaki shirt for Webelos.

Buy shirts big so they can last through the Scout’s entite career.  Used shirts are often available from the Pack.

Belts are recommended for the Scouts to wear belt loops achievements.

Hats are recommended.  Each year has a different colored hat.

Pants are optional as boys often outgrow pants fast.

The Pack supplies Den neckerchiefs.

Here are some images to help you with badges placement.

The only patches that need to be purchased are the Green Mountain Council Patch, the Red Pack Numbers, 798 for your left shoulder sleeve, and the International Scout Symbol worn above the left front pocket.

All other patches are provided by the Pack as achievements are earned.


Here’s another pack’s web page with a lot of uniform shots http://www.pack846.org/uniforms/leftpocket.htm