Safety let’s our world of Scouting go round.

Be prepared, said founder Lord Baden-Powell

  1. We strive for safety in all our Scouting activities.  Seat belts in cars,  safe sports, seven point safe swim defense plan all ensure safe activities.
  2. ALL Scout events have Two-Deep Leadership, meaning there must always be two adults present during all activities.  This has been shown to prevent abuse, and protects leaders from accusations of abuse.
  3. Two-Deep Leadership also helps in an emergency where one adult can attend to the emergency while the other supervises the remaining scouts.  Two deep is not too deep.
  4. Every Scout leader receives a complete background check through the Boy Scouts of America.
  5. All Scout Leaders and Parent Volunteers complete Child Protection Training to ensure sure they are familiar with the methods and reasons for the Two-Deep policy.
  6. The Boy Scouts of America require that this training be renewed this every two years.  Our Pack performs this training annually  in-person with electronic materials and group discussion.  Parents and potential leaders are encouraged to review this training on-line HERE

We want our Scouts to be safe in every respect.  And you can see why we need help from parents participating in Scouting programs for safety as well as other benefits.

CLICK HERE to view the official Boy Scouts of America policy.